TASK LOGISTICS values integrity, professionalism, fairness, transparency, respect and commitment to the highest ethical standards.

We provide this exclusive channel for employees, suppliers and customers to communicate securely and confidentially to report misconduct by people related to this company, including suppliers.

The information will be forwarded for analysis by the Organization’s Ethics Committee. and we ensure professionalism, absolute secrecy and the appropriate treatment in each reported situation.

Reports can be identified or anonymous. However, if you identify yourself, your identity will be preserved. All information offered on this channel will be treated with secrecy and confidentiality.

It can be reported, among other subjects:

  • Violations of the Code of Conduct;
  • Tax evasion, fraud, overpricing, financial misappropriation and illegal acts;
  • Corruption, bribery, embezzlement of goods;
  • Issues regarding the relationship with consumers or suppliers;
  • Violation of labor laws by suppliers, degrading working conditions, slave-like or child labor;
  • Situations that can negatively expose the image and brand;
  • Disrespect or imbalance in the work environment.

To facilitate the analysis of the situation you are reporting, it is important to observe and inform as many details as possible. Always inform in a clear and detailed way:

  • What’s happening;
  • Who are the people involved;
  • When it happened or since when the situation happens;
  • Where the situation occurs;

It is important that you use proper names instead of him or her and if you wish, you can also attach photos, documents or other files to your report.

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