Through our own information technology tool, we offer our clients a visualization of all the steps that make up the logistics process, aiming at improving supply chain management.

Information technology

We make use of state-of-the-art technology to ensure that updated information of all the aspects of the logistics process of export shipments as well as KPU and customized reports are easily accessible by the customer on item-level.

Our system allows EDI interface with customer´s own corporate system (ERP), ensuring faster and more efficient business management with Purchase and Sales teams in such a way that anyone can have easy access to International Trade information.

Tracking and tracing

Our Track & Trace system provides on-line updated information for all import and export shipments:

  • Details of the shipment
  • Up-dated Follow-Up
  • Customs Clearance data
  • On-lice accessibility to documents

Order Management

Task Logistics in partnership with a softhouse developed software capable of administering and managing the entire logistics chain, linked to the area of import and export including order placement, follow up, order and balance control, track and trace, management reports and other resources necessary for the management of foreign trade operations All departments and branches of Task Logistics operate in the same system, whether importing or exporting, centralizing the information in the same database, making it possible to view the information in real time. Queries are made by installing the module on the customer’s own network or via the internet. Management reports are customized according to the customer’s needs, and data can be transferred electronically to other programs.